MilHouse Art Gallery


MillHouse Art Gallery

We love art! We host a rotating quarterly art exhibit at our MillHouse Art Gallery. Please drop by M-F 9-5 to browse and shop for your home, office, or for gifts. Artists, if you would like to be featured, let us know.


Summer Juried Indoor ArtFest

August 29-30, 2020: Fees support MillHouse Foundation. Artists, Vendors, and Unplugged Musicians, apply today!

MillHouse Mural: Image by Aimee Woolverton. Gail Delger, Dana Brock, Andrea Holmes, Lisa Temple.

MillHouse Public Art Mural Project

Created by Artists Gail Delger, Dana Brock, Andrea Holmes, Lisa Temple in collaboration with Cotton Mill & MillHouse Foundation.


MillHouse Studios

Come visit our MillHouse Artists and tour their studios M-F 9-5.


Art Workshops

We host creative workshops weekly. Details on our events page.

Nurture the seeds of creativity with us. JOIN TODAY


Art blooms early. Let's plant seeds early and often.

ArtBlock membership includes:

+ 1 annual professional portfolio shoot.

+ Common area for creative expression.

+ Discounted bi-annual ArtFest booth space.

+ Open Studio Showcase each quarter.

+ Collaborative community art projects, including Cotton Mill public art opportunities.

+ Quarterly MillHouse Gallery art exhibits.

+ Art sales revenue share: 80% for  Member, 20% for MillHouse

+ Art supply storage

NOTE: Private fee-based artists studio spaces are full. Ask about our waiting list.